1 Year Arabic Intensive programme

The course enables even a complete beginner to reach an advanced level of Arabic through step by step instruction and guidance provided by the Academy. This will be done with support by our own As-Subah learning manuals as well as selected modern and classic literature.

September 2019 - Online and on-site


Sanatayn for Adults

The Sanatayn course is a comprehensive 2 year programme for adults to learn and understand the core knowledge of Islam including the obligatory knowledge which is necessary for all Muslims to seek and acquire.

September 2019


Tajwid class for Adults

we provide a structured course where a student can build his/her recitation skills as well as maintain fluency on their daily readings of the Qur'an under a qualified instructor

Starting September 2019


As-Subah Academy for Children

we strive to provide an extensive study of the din, both theoretical and practical, to our children and with a special focus on developing and strengthening the young muslim’s/muslima’s character.

Enrolling now for September 2019


Qur’anic Du’as

A Spiritually Rejuvenating 6 Week Course on 40 Rabbana Du’as from the Qur’an.

Available now online