Sanatayn is a comprehensive 2 year programme for female adults to learn and understand the core principles and values of Islam. 

As day to day activities busy us we often overlook and neglect key Islamic principles we are surrounded by in our lives. 

This course has been designed to give an insight and better understanding in the subjects of Fiqh, Tajweed, a brief understanding of the Qur’an, insight into hadith and it's transmission as well as a comprehensive breakthrough into the Arabic language for those willing to seek knowledge even from the most basic level. 

Part of the contents to be covered during the course are as follows: 

FIQH - Based of the Hanafi school of thought

Fiqh of Purification

Fiqh of Salah 

Fiqh of Zakah and Sawm

Fiqh of Hajj and Umrah 

Fiqh of Marriage 

Fiqh of Buisness

AQIDAH - The creed of Ahlus Sunnah wa Al- Jama’ah

A thorough explanation of Aqidah At Tahawiyyah. 

TAJWEED - Correct recitation of the Qur’an

Theory (Tuhfatul Atfal).

Practical Reading with memorisation of Juz Amma. 

TAFSEER - Commentary and translation of the Qur’an. 

Word to Word analysis of entire Quran. 

Tafsir of Selected Surahs. 

HADITH - A study of various texts of Hadith commentated by the teachers. 

Arba’in an nawawi

Athar As - Sunan. 

Al Adab al mufrad.  

Tareekh & Tarbiyyah - History and Etiquette.

Seerah of the Prophet (saw) 

Shama’il - The character and the beauty of the Prophet (saw) 

A study into the lives of Companions of the Prophet (saw) and the early scholars of Islam. 

ARABIC - A comprehensive study of the Arabic Language right from the beginning. 

An extensive and thorough study of Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk. 



MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY : 10AM - 1PM                        

£50 Monthly.

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