Our Children, Our Future!

At As-Subah we strive to provide an extensive study of the din, both theoretical and practical, to our children and with a special focus on developing and strengthening the young muslim’s/muslima’s character. 

For this we require commitment and mutual communication between our teachers and the parents so maximum potential is being extracted from the children. 

Below is a basic outline of how we structure our courses to ensure every child receives the maximum benefit.

Tarbiya (Islamic Nurturing)

Our aim with every student is that we want to instil within them outstanding Islamic morals and ethics as well as a strong love for Allah and his Messenger ﷺ while also developing a lasting keenness in the students for performing Ibadat (worship). We aim to reach this goal by focusing on practicality from the exemplary lives of the Prophets and their Companions and also hearing about the achievements of latter day Muslim role-models, both past and present. 

Qur'an & Tajwid

We at As-Subah regard ourselves as lovers of Qur’an, which is the reason for many of our courses. We believe it is a primary requirement for Muslims to become familiarised with the Book of Allah, the Qur’an. 

Our teachers aim to take each child through the journey of learning how to correctly and confidently recite the Qur’an with Tajwid. We have formed a structure based on a variety of Islamic teaching curriculums. To ensure this we implement 5 progressional stages:

Level 1 : An extensive study of our chosen Qa’ida which is part of the Safar syllabus and consists of 160 pages with rules and practices. Once completed, students will have a good grasp of recognising Arabic words and be able to read with correct pronunciation. 

Level 2: A study of Hafs syllabus level 2 which ensures the students are building on their fluency as well as applying the basic rules of Tajwid. 

Level 3: A gradual build up of Qur’an recitation, increasing lesson targets as the student progresses.

Level 4: A study of the Safar syllabus Tajwid book, ensuring the student is familiar with the rules of Tajwid. 

Level 5: A continuation of Qur’an recitation with focus on Surah memorisation and an introduction to Hifz of the Holy Qur’an which the student may pursue it if he/she wishes to do so. 

Islamic Studies

‘Aqida - From the 99 names of Allah to understanding the philosophical aspect of Allah’s existence, our aim is to equip our children with correct Islamic belief so they may be saved from the fitna of misguidance and disbelief which are on the rise in this day and age. We start from learning about Allah and gradually progress to more intellectual arguments as they grow older. 

Fiqh - We aim to ensure our children are familiar with the rulings related to purity, worship and other lIsamic legal matters. We teach Fiqh to children and make sure to be as effective as possible by having lessons tailored specifically to each age group. We also have a monthly practical session to see if children are correctly implementing what they are learning. 

History - Our aim is to inspire and motivate the hearts of the children, by teaching them about the exemplary lives of our Prophets and their companions as well as key figures and scholars in Islamic history. 

Du’a - We aim for our students to memorise and recite the Sunnah supplications at all times. We have a dedicated time during the week week where we teach children the engaging book “A Child’s Gift” to ensure the du’as are learnt. We even have project based work for the children to encourage and ensure they practice these du’as at home. 

Course timings & Fees       

Children's Madrasa Option 2 (late): 

Mon to Thurs - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

£35 Monthly fee

Children's Madrasa Option 1


Mon to Thurs - 4.30pm to 6.00pm

£35 Monthly fee

Children's Madrasa weekend: 

under 10s only

Sat & sun - 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

£35 Monthly fee

Additional Children’s Courses


Arabic Language for Children

We are offering a unique opportunity which was not available to many of us growing up - courses for children to learn the basics of the Arabic language. Your child will be taught spoken Arabic, sentences, phrases and vocabulary. We hope this will encourage them to further their Islamic studies even as they continue to grow older.

Saturdays - 3:00pm to 5:00pm - £25 Monthly fee



We already know the high status in Islam for those who memorise the Qur'an. At As-Subah Academy, we believe students with the zeal and potential to memorise the Qur'an should be instructed with utmost care and attention by experienced and qualified teachers. To facilitate this we have longer class times and limit the number of students in each class, ensuring the teacher is able to give maximum time and focus to each and every child.

Monday to Thursday - 5:00pm to 7:30pm - £50 Monthly fee

Each class has a maximum of 15 students per class ensuring every student is given due care and attention.

Safeguarding - We believe every child is entitled to a fair education and no child should be treated any different to the others. We ensure all of our teachers, staff and volunteers (anyone who will come into contact with children) undergo an Enhanced DBS check as well as a rigorous reference check before commencing any work with the children to ensure we are very familiar with those who are teaching our children. To view our safeguarding policy please click here.