Our Mission

Assalamu 'alaykum

At As-Subah we cater to Muslims of all ages and backgrounds so we can grow together towards a more spiritual, tolerant and diverse community paving the way for future generations through education, organising sports/leisure activities, local gatherings and fun family events.

We want to embed within the the greater community a strong connection to our Islamic institute along with an appreciation for traditional Islamic scholarship, thus instilling within them a more thorough understanding of the beautiful way of our Prophet ﷺ and Islam. 

We believe islamic education is a basic right everyone should have access to. This drives us with a great deal of dedication towards making Islamic studies accessible for all regardless of their age and circumstances. We are easily accessible and always open to suggestions for ways to expand our efforts.

We provide high quality mainstream Islamic education to enrich people’s lives and continue do so at an affordable cost.

For children, who are our future, we inspire them to be Muslims. We deliver comprehensive Islamic studies and teach correct recitation of the Holy Qur’an in a safe environment with our teachers who are both experienced and qualified.

We serve the wider community by providing general Islamic counselling and even marriage counselling via our network of scholars bridging the gap between the public and the scholars.

Alhamdulillah, as you may be aware, our journey to serve the community started in 2017 and we have just come to the end of our second Academic year. In that process, we have catered for 1000+ people (children, teen & adults) and their spiritual needs.

Our Impact

Some of the ways we  have been serving the community are: 

  • Teaching Aqida, Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, Tajwid & the Arabic Language to children and adults.

  • Creating bespoke learning materials.

  • Organising educational Islamic events.

  • Sport activities.

  • Working with local Masajid to cater to events.

  • Sunnah Hijama therapy.

  • Helping charities raise money.

  • Marriage counselling and couples therapy.

  • Islamic guidance and counselling

Here at As-Subah we want to reach out to even more people. We have also committed to a number of new projects as well as continuing those mentioned above, some of these new projects include: 

  • Online classes.

  • Fun Family events.

  • Professional Group counselling.

  • Workshops for young people.

  • Publishing materials for Da’wah.

  • Humanitarian & Aid work.

We request that you all continue getting involved & make Du'a for us.