This course explores the life history of our beloved prophet Muhammad ﷺ  as well as the detailed descriptions of the moral, physical and spiritual qualities of the beloved prophet ﷺ. 

The course aims for the student to Become acquainted with the biography of Prophet ﷺ in relation to the revelation of the Quran as well as inspire and motivate, extract and translate the lesson from the life of the Prophet ﷺ to our daily lives. 

the course runs in 5 main topics, each explored for approximately 5 weeks.

Total duration of the course is 6 Months.

Verily this knowledge is deen
— ibn sireen

Course insight

Starting at  the days before the advent of Islam; known as the time of ignorance. The course follows his birth and upbringing through to his receiving of prophethood, the spread of Islam in Makkah and the immigration to Madinah including his many struggles and battles Alongside a detailed description of him as recorded by the great muhaddith Imam Tirmidhi. 


  • The definition and importance of seerah.
  • The sources, books and scholars of seerah.


 From Ibrahim (as) to the birth of Mohammad (saw)- (2500 years)

  • An insight of the story of Ibrahim.
  • Background and culture of the Arabs.


– From the birth till revelation – (40 years)

  • The prophet’s birth and childhood.
  • His marriage to Khadijah.
  • A look at the prophet’s house.
  • Rebuilding Al-ka’bah.
  • Quick look at the history of Al-Ka’bah.
  • Just before prophethood.


– From revelation till migration – (13 years)

Stage one (the secret da’wa).

Stage two (the open da’wa).

Stage three (da’wa outside mekkah).


– From migration till death – (10 years)

Stage one (the defence stage):

Stage two (The offensive stage):

Stage three (the international da’wa):

Stage four (the final stage):

  • The end and the conclusion.


Every tuesdays: 7:30pm - 9:00pm.


Further options are available if a minimum number of students are interested at a specific time. please enquire for further details.



£25 fee every four weeks.

All courses are open for males and females.
Students will be required to purchase the printed copies of the learning manual.
£10 course material fee upon enrolment.
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